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cats awaiting rehomingYou are very welcome to visit any of our rehoming centres and they are open nearly every day of the year. Whether you are looking to home a new pet or just want to support one of our regular events, we look forward to seeing you. 


The first and only centre of its kind to be purpose-built to accommodate elderly animals, Trindledown Farm is also home to a small number of rabbits and a wide range of field animals.


Our most recent addition, the NAWT Hula centre rehomes cats, dogs, rabbits and other small furries. They also have a pony, goats, sheep, pigs and various ducks and fowl.


Purpose-built using sustainable design methods and materials, our Hayle centre rescues and rehomes dogs and cats.

Essex - Clacton

A recent addition, the Clacton centre rehomes cats and dogs and the gardens are also the territory of our resident feral cat colony.


Our oldest centre is based in Watford and rehomes up to 500 animals a year, mainly cats and dogs but guinea pigs and rabbits too. It is also home to our small head office operation.