Remember NAWT in your Will

Leaving a legacy to NAWT will help us continue to rehome hundreds of animals a year and fund our work towards a world where every pet thrives in a loving home.

A Will gives you the reassurance of knowing who will benefit from your legacy, and what arrangements will be made after your death. It allows you to provide for your loved ones as well as giving something to causes close to your heart. 

At the National Animal Welfare Trust, we have established ourselves for 50 years as the animal welfare charity that never stops caring, and demand for our work continues to grow. However, we are still a relatively small charity and underfunded when compared to some of the more well-known rescue and rehoming charities. Despite this, we manage to operate five centres and an all-volunteer branch in England; rescuing and rehoming hundreds of animals a year.

We never stop caring. It’s not only the animals that come to us that we aim to help, but pets and pet owners throughout the UK that are in need of help, information or advice. As part of our mission to promote responsible pet ownership, we took the decision to become the first UK rescue and rehoming charity to pilot Open Paw; a programme developed to provide all our animals with the enrichment, training and social skills they will need to make them more rehomeable and to enable them to successfully settle into life in their new homes.

Any gift in your Will, large or small, could make such a big difference to the lives of the animals we care for. It is true to say that legacies are absolutely crucial to our future and the animals we help, so please, consider making the improvement of animal welfare in the UK your legacy for the future.