Five reasons to foster a pet

  1. You will be a vital part of the homing process gathering information of how a particular animal adapts to being in a home environment, allowing us to find the best matched forever home in the future
  2. People with limited time to give can enjoy the love and companionship of an animal without the long-term commitment of pet ownership
  3. Short Term fostering a pet in your home allows the spaces in our homing centres to be prioritised for one of the many homeless and abandoned animals looking for a place to stay
  4. Improve your physical and mental wellbeing with a consistent routine of care for an animal who depends on you
  5. You will provide invaluable respite care to an animal who is recovering from medical treatment and desperately needs some home comforts

"Taking the chance to provide a safe and loving home for Rascal was one of the most fulfilling things we've ever done. Seeing the fear of abandonment leave him as he became part of the family, if only for a fairly short time prior to him going to his forever home, will forever live with me."

Paul Cross, Bedfordshire

What do we need from you?

As a short term foster carer for an animal waiting for its new permanent home, all we require from you is the following:

    • A commitment to love and care for the animal until they find a forever home.
    • Your agreement to allow potential new owners visit the animal at a pre-arranged location and time that is convenient for both you and the prospective new owner.
    • The ability to transport the animal to and from vet appointments at one of NAWT's pre-approved veterinary surgeries.

    What support will you receive from us?

    By volunteering to offer us this short term fostering service, you are giving our centres the ability to help more homeless animals, and that help shouldn't create any additional expense for you. Therefore, we will commit to provide you with:

      • All the equipment you will need for the duration of your time fostering (leads, harnesses, bedding, bowls etc.)
      • A regular supply of appropriate food for the animal, to ensure we can meet their specific dietary requirements.
      • Veterinary treatment for the foster animal provided by NAWT.
      • Reasonable travel expenses.
      • Access to expert advice, support and guidance for the duration of the animals stay in your home

      "I live alone and have a job that doesn't allow me to keep a pet, so while I was off long term sick I took the opportunity to foster. I had 2 dogs come to stay with me. Both rather confused, anxious and sad initially. It was wonderful to see them regain their confidence and build trust with me, helping them transition to their forever homes. And for me, I loved the company, it was a reason to get up every morning. There's nothing better than a doggy snuggle."

      Iona, Bedfordshire