Our Double Donations Christmas Campaign is now live, and here is everything you need to know about this special event, helping to keep our doors open. As well as information on how you can donate and get involved.

Now extended until the 11th of December, our Double Donations Christmas Challenge is back, thanks to our generous pledgers. With every donation you make, you can unlock the pledger pot to release an amount to MATCH yours.

We challenge you to match the pledge pot this Christmas, making donations go twice as far. We hope we can work together, to try and beat last year’s total of 80k, helping to keep NAWT’s doors open and to gift our animals a cosy Christmas.

Since the start of 2023, we have seen a rise in expenditure caused by the nationwide cost of living crisis. With 100+ pets coming into our care every month, our centres are running at near full capacity. To make what is already a demanding situation worse, many of the pets now need more complex vet treatments as they arrive with tooth decay, skin complaints, or parasites, all down to the lack of routine care. Frequently, our animals are also let down as potential adopters think twice and change their minds about taking on a new pet. This means pets are staying longer at NAWT centres or in our foster care. In turn, this stretches our resources further and further, both in terms of space and cost.

We have asked our supporters for supplies, and you delivered! We received generous donations of food, worming and flea treatments, blankets, and much more throughout the year. We held fetes, open days, competitions, and much more all with the help of our volunteers and supporters. Despite our best efforts and overwhelming public generosity, we still need to pay the bills to keep the doors of our centres open. No matter how carefully we manage usage, our total utilities bill has shot up from £76,000 to £202,000 per year, making a huge dent in our budget.

Your donations are so important to us, as your generosity has helped animals like Hera, Nancy, and Peter get the care they needed. They were all able to live another day thanks to you.

Peter has been telling his story, so you can see why your donations are so important to us.

“Hi there – I’m Peter…I’m a bit shy as I’ve been through some tough times. My new friends at NAWT say I need to tell my story so you can help other pets in need. If I look a bit scruffy it’s because my fur is just growing back. You see, the vet had to shave it off before she could make me better.”

“I was only 2 years old when I came to NAWT as a stray – truth is nobody wanted me. I was scared and my whole body was in pain, so I really didn’t want anyone to touch me, even the nice ones. I didn’t think I could trust them not to hurt me again! I was taken to see Katy, the vet at NAWT, and she said that I had been burned!”

Katy explained that Peter’s burns were most likely caused by boiling water, although the full extent of his injuries were hard to see at first. A closer examination, under sedation, showed that Peter’s injuries were at different stages of healing. He had been scalded repeatedly, at least 4-5 times. Poor Peter didn’t just suffer a single unfortunate accident, it looked more like a pattern of abuse leaving burns all over his small body. His vet treatments continued for 6 weeks totalling a cost of £1000.

Without our help, we can’t even imagine what might have happened to him, but luckily, we were there to turn his life back around and give him that second chance to thrive. 

Peter back when he was recovering from his burns

Anything you donate will all go towards keeping NAWT’s doors open, so we can continue helping animals in need, not just for Christmas but for years to come.

You can donate online via the link below, or you can send us a cheque in the post quoting ‘Double Donations’ to the following address:

National Animal Welfare Trust

Head Office

Tyler’s Way



WD25 8WT

Thank you for your support.