Meet Good Boy Ollie!

The National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire had the pleasure of welcoming Tik Tok star, Good Boy Ollie, into its centre last Friday for a very exciting visit.

Ollie, a 7-year-old chocolate Labrador, was joined by his owner Alex, 22, who has managed to rack up over 3 million followers from across the globe on Tik Tok. It is impossible to not fall in love with Ollie when he shows off his incredible intelligence and amazing booty balancing skills, as well as showcasing his many tricks, talents and paw-some accessories and toys.

Using Ollie’s platform for good use

Following their online success Alex wanted to use Ollie’s platform for good and help other animals that are less fortunate. So, in December 2021, Alex set up an Amazon Wishlist with treats for her and Ollie’s followers to buy for NAWT Berkshire. In four months, Alex has accomplished an amazing amount of support which included several businesses contacting her wanting to contribute to the donation drive.

Alex is no stranger to supporting local charities, as her family has adopted animals from shelters in the past including rabbits and snakes. Not only this, but Alex has also previously volunteered to help rescue animals so will know first hand just how much these donations will mean to us.

The donations came flooding in with items such as enrichment toys, leads, balls, blankets and even poo bag holders to name just a few. A wide range of products were collected, so much so, that Alex had to store the parcels in her spare bedroom.

Alex said;

“The focus was to help us bring some great presents to our local animal rescue centre – NAWT Berkshire! We would really love to give back and help animals who need it. We already have some things of our own to donate, but now we have a collection of items the rescue would love for their dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and many more!”

Ollie’s day at the farm

Ollie was firstly given a tour of the centre where he and Alex got to meet a selection of the farm animals, and then Ollie’s human companions were shown the dogs and cats that are currently looking for homes.

After a break for tea and a slice of cake, Ollie turned his paw to some volunteering where he helped our staff with some gardening and other bits around the centre. He even got to feed the sheep and alpaca! Lastly, Ollie got to explore the agility course which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

The day ended with the donations being collected and handed over, where gifts for all the animals were received. As well as learning more about the work the centre has been doing behind the scenes, ready for its re-opening later this year.

Thank you!

As it stands this centre cares for more than 70 animals including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, sheep, pigs and a variety of birds and the large assortment of gifts we have received will be extremely beneficial for these animals. Understandably rescue organisations, including NAWT, have tended to have their animals viewed as almost unlucky ‘inmates’ so our rehoming centres focus their efforts on making an animal’s stay as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we are always so grateful to receive such generosity as this helps us on our journey to giving our animals the best care. The centre said:

“Being able to offer fun enrichment toys and activities helps to keep animals active and entertained, helping with an animals overall training. Animals like our dogs benefit greatly from enrichment as it helps to provide the training and social skills, they need to make them more rehomable, and to help them successfully settle into life with their new families.”

The National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire are extremely thankful to Ollie, Alex and their generous followers for all their efforts in providing such fantastic donations and pleased they have been able to thank them in person. Tracy, the centre manager for Berkshire NAWT, said:

“Alex and Ollie have an incredible following and we are grateful to their entire fanbase for their support for our centre. We are blown away by the support that has been received.”

Thank you so much Good Boy Ollie and of course, Alex, for everything you have done. Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media platforms for NAWT Berkshire’s re-opening announcement later this May. You will also see any upcoming events, and behind the scenes photos of all our animals’, and the donations being put to good use!

If you would like to donate an item to a homeless animal waiting in one of our centres for their forever home, you can find links to our Amazon Wish Lists here.