This is the story of ‘Britain’s Unluckiest Dog’, which starts in 2016 when Zen arrived at the Trindledown centre in Berkshire.

Zen had previously been living with a local family, but sadly they had to say goodbye to him because their young child developed an allergy to this delightful dog.

However, it was soon clear that Zen was going through some stress, when it was discovered by the animal care team that he was eating his way through the pen doors and walls (which are made of wood in the Berkshire centre).

The reason he was upset is unknown, this superb staffie was otherwise healthy and well, with no urgent treatments from a vet required. However, the change in living arrangements can sometimes cause a little stress for pets when they first arrive in rescue. It was decided that the Hertfordshire centre would be a better place for Zen, as he would be more secure in their metal pens.

This handsome chap quickly became popular with the staff in Watford, due to his energy, love of people and affectionate nature.

But over the next three years, Zen was the subject of many unsuccessful reservations, despite numerous social media appeals and newspaper headlines.

He was moved to the Cornwall centre in the hope of finding someone, but due to bad luck, prejudice against staffies and unfortunate events, Zen was made to wait even longer.

Luckily for him, NAWT supporters never give up. The exposure he received from you is what made him eligible to be featured on Animal Rescue Live on channel 4 in August 2019.

Thanks to you, Zen was given the platform to show off his personality to millions of television viewers. It was then that his future owners discovered him, leading to this perfect family travelling from London to Cornwall to collect their dream companion. You can read the full happy ending story here.

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