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When Zen found his ‘Happily Ever After’

Loveable chap Zen spent more than three years at NAWT waiting patiently for his perfect companion to come along and rehome him. He enjoyed the surroundings of three different centres during this time, in a bid to help him meet people from different areas with different lifestyles so that he might find his perfect match.

A fantastic companion, Zen has a zest for life and always enjoyed a good fuss from the staff and volunteers. True to his breed, he lived to please his handler.  

Jackie de Friez, centre manager at NAWT Watford said about Zen: “Zen is such a clever lad and he’s been so unlucky whilst in our care – he’s been on and off reserve and otherwise overlooked.

“He’s a fun loving sweetheart who just needs someone to take a chance on him.

“More than anything, Zen wants to spend time with you. He’s funny, goofy and can be a bit clumsy but he’s sure to keep you laughing.”

Zen waited 3 years at NAWT for a family

At the start of this year, we released Zen’s wish list of his top 19 wishes for 2019. Of course, the ultimate wish on that list was to find that special friend that would love him forever. He’d been waiting so long that it was beginning to seem like his biggest wish might never be realised. In April he was moved to his third NAWT centre to see if there might be a potential owner looking for him in Cornwall. Sadly over the next few months he still had no luck, although he did enjoy the change of scenery and the frequent walks on the beach.

Then along came the Channel 4 programme Animal Rescue Live. The team were looking for an unlucky pooch to feature, someone who had been waiting longer than most for a special home, and a dog they could help with a little extra publicity. Well, Zen fit the bill perfectly. He’d been reserved thirteen times with every single potential home falling through at the last minute for reasons completely unrelated to Zen himself.

The Animal Rescue Live team agreed that Zen had to be one of their stars. They were going to help him in his plight for a loving home. Everyone at NAWT - staff, volunteers, supporters, visitors, residents - held their breath with their fingers crossed as Zen made his television debut. He did so well and his wonderful nature truly shone through during his little segment on the show, and we just hoped it was enough to grab the attention of a loving family with a Zen shaped space in their hearts.

Zen on tv
Zen made his TV debut

Our prayers were soon answered! A lovely family in Croydon had been watching the show and registered their interest in Zen, asking if they could come along all the way to Cornwall to meet him! The rehoming team agreed, of course, and the weekend after the show aired, Zen met the people who were going to change his life.

It was love at first sight for Zen and his family, and immediately the team sensed this was it. The moment our lovely Zen had been waiting three years for! They spent the next few hours getting to know each other, and many more hours the following day, before finally the paperwork was signed, Zen’s bags were packed, and everyone at NAWT waved a teary goodbye to the handsome pooch who held a special place in all of our hearts.

A few weeks later, we received the update we’d all been waiting for. Zen is happy, he’s loved unconditionally, and he’s a member of a wonderful family. This is what rescue and rehoming is all about.


Zen meets owner
Zen finally met his owners
Zen and best friend
Best friends for life

Zen and family









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