The Process

Taking on a rescue pet is a very rewarding experience for both you and your chosen animal. It won’t take long for your new companion to become part of your home and family life.

Before you visit one of our centres, we suggest you spend some time with the other members of your household deciding what sort of pet would be right for you.

Four steps in the rehoming process

  1. All our animals available for homing appear on our website. Once you have found a pet that matches what you are looking for, then click the “register your interest” button. This will ask you to complete a form that will tell us some details about your home and lifestyle and who currently lives in the home. Once completed, this is automatically sent to the centre rehoming team. You will receive a confirmation e-mail stating "Thank you for your interest in one of our pets available for homing" once the form has been successfully submitted.
  2. Once we have received your form, a member of the team will be able to determine if the pet you have chosen is a good match and, if the pet is still available, contact you to discuss the next steps in the process. Please be aware that we only contact potential owners in chronological order once they have been matched to an animal, which means we are not able to contact every person who completes a homing form.
  3. We will then arrange a time for you to visit the rehoming centre to meet the chosen pet. This is to help you start to bond with your pet and make sure it is the right decision for you and your family. We will also advise on training tips the pet may need and give you all the veterinary history too. Depending on the individual pet, this may take more than one visit before being able to take the animal home.
  4. It's time to take your new pet home. After you sign the homing agreement, pay the rehoming fee (Prices vary between species from £30 for a Guinea Pig, £65 for a rabbit, £120 for a cat and £250 for a dog), and complete all homing paperwork, you will then be able to take your new pet home. Each animal rehomed by NAWT will also come with 4 weeks’ free Petplan insurance.