• 2 years 1 months, Female
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Adults only
  • Can be left alone for a period
  • Size: Large
  • Cannot live with cats
    Cannot live with other dogs

Meet Lacey!

Hi everyone! It's Lacey here and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself to see if we could be the very best of friends! I'm a bundle of fun and I promise I'll make you smile lots every day.

So, I'm a rather beautiful girlie and I'm a 2 year old Staffie cross. Life for me hasn't always been easy and the difficult times have left me with a few little quirks and insecurities. The team here have been spending time getting to know me and helping me with my worries but now I need the patience and dedication of a forever friend to help me the rest of the way.

The way to my heart is certainly through playtime. There is absolutely nothing I love more than a good game with my toys!! I'm not fussy but a game of fetch is by far my favourite. I love to pounce after a ball or football, fetch it back to you, drop it and wait excitedly for the game to start allll over again! Outside of my love of toys, I have a big love for human affection and attention and enjoy lapping up all of your fusses and loving. I'm also a keen explorer and enjoy going out on my walks. Walks for me look best when they're in the countryside with lots to sniff and explore rather than street walking where there's more for me to worry about.

Due to my insecurities, I can be very worried by new people and try to tell people that through barking. But if you can look past the barking you'll see it's really just because I'm a scaredy girl who has lacked lots of good experiences and socialisation and, if you spend the time getting to know me, I promise I will love you forever and ever! I have lots of love to give and I'll keep my heart for someone truly special who will give me the time to trust. Just like with my friends here, it doesn't take me too long to learn you're not so scary and then I'll be wanting to play and cuddle all day long!! I feel the same about other animals so I'm not looking to share my home with any others. Due to my worries, I'm looking for an adult only home and the team here feel I should be ok occupying that cosy spot on the sofa for home alone time if you need to go out. If you think I could be your very best friend, then I can't wait to hear from you!