Blackie (& Bertie)

  • 5 years 2 months, Male
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size: Medium
  • Cannot live with others of same species
    Indoor pet

Meet Blackie (& Bertie)!

Hello there, my name is Bertie and this is my best friend Blackie! We are a pair of 5-year-old male guinea pigs that are looking for a new home via home direct, which means that . This is great, as it means that we don't have to move to the centre and then move to another home, which would be really stressful for us.

We are both lovely boys that enjoy being around people and having cuddles, although we don't like the bit where we get picked up! We enjoy a variety of veggies and herbs, they are the way to our hearts!

We are used to being around children aged 8 years and over, so we could do this again in our new home. All handling should be supervised by an adult to make sure that we are safe and secure.

We can't live with other guinea pigs as we would start to fight, which would be no fun! We could live in a home with other pets, but we need to be securely housed away from them.

We are currently indoor guinea pigs, so we will need to stay living inside until the summer months when it is warm outside. Our accommodation needs to be a minimum of 5ft x 2ft so that we can have lots of room to move around. A second floor doesn't count towards that size, and us pigs prefer one floor anyway!

If you are looking for a lovely pair of boys like us, then please apply for us today!