Millie (with Alice)

  • 12 years 3 months, Female
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size: Medium
  • Cannot live with other cats
    Cannot live with dogs

Meet Millie (with Alice)!

Please meet Alice and Millie. These two came in to the centre together, and have now been placed in to foster whilst they wait for their new forever home to come along.

They are a very lovely pair, who can be a little more nervous when you first meet them, but they do soon warm up to you (with Alice being the slightly more confident one, who will actively move herself to get more cuddles once she knows you). The cattery environment can be quite stressful which is why this pair have been placed in a foster home, which has helped them show their true colours.

Alice and Millie do absolutely love treats, and will let you stroke them when they are relaxed. Due to their more timid nature, a home with quieter (older) children/teenagers would be suitable as they can become nervous of younger children. They would prefer a house with no other animals so that they get all of the attention!

Please enjoy this lovely update from their foster carer:
'Alice who we call our little “Fireball” due to her striking colours and fur is the braver of the two. She is quite the sleepy head but does wake up to eat her food and likes spending her time on top of the sofa gazing out the window. If she gets a nice sunbeam she seems extra content. She enjoys a stroke and a good groom and her favourite thing is to roll around in a bit of catnip.

Millie spent her first two weeks hiding away and being at arm’s length. She only ventured out to eat when we were not in the room. However, after respecting her space and giving her a few treats she now seems to trust us and will come out when she hears us.

She is such a character and if her new owner is looking for a pet to have a conversation with, she is your girl. When she emerges blinking from her nap, she will respond to any questions I have about how her day was or what she wants for tea :)

She does now seem to actively seek a stroke but is not keen on her face being touched other than if she decides to scent rub you. She is definitely in favour of a back rub and then fluffs up her tail so she looks a bit like a squirrel. It is quite remarkable the change in her.

She also really enjoys playing with her favourite pink fishing rod, and even though she does not leap about like a kitten, she will stay playing for quite some time.'

If you feel that you can offer Alice and Millie their new forever home then please register your interest!