Beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier Misty first came to our Hertfordshire centre as a stray in November 2016 – our staff had no information about her, but cared for her and she was soon ready to find a new home.

Because of Misty’s loving nature, she was rehomed just a month later, to a family with another dog. However it soon became clear that living with other animals resulted in Misty being stressed, and she returned to NAWT. 

The Hertfordshire staff carried out a second assessment, and there it was then decided she needed to be the only pet in her forever home.

Again, just a month later Misty was heading off to a new, new home. But after a change in living situation, Misty came back into NAWT care.

This third and final stint in kennels lasted for months, but Misty soon won the hearts of staff who loved her until her forever home came along. It was clear she loved nothing more than to cuddle – but needed help socialising with other dogs. 

After dealing with some separation anxiety issues, and eight long months, Misty finally found her forever home.

Ian and Julie welcomed Misty home, after meeting her with our staff and completing a home check, in August this year.

Two months later, and the couple have never looked back. Ian said: “Misty has totally captured our hearts. She’s loving, crazy and has settled in well to our home. 

“Misty likes nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with us, and despite a few issues early on, she’s settled really well.

“She was very wary at first. She didn't want to go out, but now the mention of walks has Misty waiting at the door ready to go and explore. 

“She is fantastic with any children, visitors or strangers and she thinks it's quite acceptable to lick you to death. We are so grateful to have been given the chance to look after her."