The rescue dog who rescued me

Amy and Luna

This National Rescue a Dog Day, we wanted to highlight the benefits of owning a dog. We spoke to Amy, the fundraising officer at our NAWT Cornwall centre, who has shared her own personal experience.

"Most of us know the benefits for the animal once they have been adopted, a new start, and a forever home. Some have come from an undesirable situation, some from the streets now tucked up in a warm bed. Some simply starting their new life due to circumstances beyond their owner’s control. Each animal has a forever home, a warm and cosy place to live with owners who love them.

But what about the benefits for us as the owner? In many cases it’s not just us rescuing them, but them rescuing us. From our staff, volunteers, adopters, and fosterers, the animals we care for can bring so much joy into our lives.

Let’s make this a bit personal. In 2023 I found myself getting over a relationship breakdown. Not long after this, my beautiful 14-year-old Golden Retriever Ozzy passed away after a short battle with cancer. Soon after another family member sadly passed too.


I knew I was a Retriever girl at heart, but none could replace our Ozzy. After a discussion with the Cornwall centre manager about how often they come into rescue, we knew it wasn’t going to happen. It had been 15+ years since one came through the doors after all. Nothing could replace Ozzy… but 4 weeks later the house was starting to feel very quiet.

Enter… Luna. A call came in that a Golden Retriever, Luna, was needing to come into our care. It was meant to be. A week later she was here, and 3 days after that she came home with me. Ozzy was big and white, some described him as a ‘polar bear’, a gentle giant. Luna was small, very golden almost red, energy for days, and a big personality to match! She was perfect. Not sent to replace him but sent to make us smile again.

My family and I were able to give her what she needed. A lot of exercise, mental stimulation, and cuddles when she had her ‘soppy time’ in the evening. She brought us what we needed… entertainment, love, peace, chaos, and everything in between!

When I was at my lowest this girl was sent to change things. The days you feel like staying in bed, she got me out and about. The days I felt down and sad, she was there to make me smile and laugh. The times I felt alone, she was there. She brought me peace when things got chaotic and brought me chaos when she knew I needed the distraction!

She got the home she needed, and made my house feel like a home again."

Thank you to Amy for sharing this story, we hope you and Luna have a wonderful life together!

If you are looking for your new best friend, could they be at NAWT? You can view all our dogs that need rehoming on our website here.