Sadly, some dogs arrive at NAWT after traumatic experiences with very cruel people. One of those unlucky pooches is Smith, who was treated so poorly in the past.

The animal care team in Cornwall will never forget when Smith arrived at the centre. He came from a local dog warden and was in a terrible state, completely starving and very scared to step outside into the big wide world again, as his experience of it so far, was a horrific one.

On arrival, Smith required a great deal of vet treatment and a specialised diet to build him up to the weight he should have been, as he was severely malnourished and very skinny.

Smith is now waiting for someone special that can help him to happily and safely step out into the world again. He shows signs of being around harsh handling and behaviour, as he is very hand shy with new people he comes into contact with.

He can't cope with another person approaching his handler, and it causes him to panic. He needs a quiet, calm home with terrier experience and hopefully rescue experience too. He will never completely forget his terrible past and needs a very special, dedicated person that understands this and is willing to change his future.

Thanks to you, Smith recovered from the harsh start to life he had to endure. Your help and generosity has given him hope to find the perfect owner he deserves, who will love him unconditionally for the rest of his days.

Soon it will be Giving Tuesday (3rd December), where for one week, you will have the opportunity to make your donations to save animals like Smith go even further. Every donation to our Christmas Challenge appeal with the Big Give will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you.

This is a fantastic chance to see your donation go from £5 to £10. The campaign will end at midday on 10th December, so please give any amount you can during these seven days.

The link to our Christmas Challenge appeal on the Big Give website is live now, but please hold fire on any donations until midday on 3rd December. Click here to give.