We were delighted when we received a beautiful update from the owners of Roxie, an adorable cat and former Hertfordshire centre resident. Read the full update below.

“Today marks exactly two years since we adopted Roxie from you, it’s been the very best two years!”

“From the first moment we brought her home, she has been a sweet little cat. She instantly broke out into purrs when we got her out of her carrier, and within minutes was sitting with us, getting attention and letting us scratch her chin”.

“She had been quite aloof with us on visits to the shelter, so we weren’t sure what she would make of life in our home, and we’d prepared ourselves that she might not want attention and might hide away from us and need time; but within 20 minutes of her being there, I took a picture of her sitting on the bed in the spare room, looking really content and like she had always lived there”.

“She settled in immediately and we are so glad that she likes our home. She loves cuddling up on our laps, ‘helping’ us with tasks around the house, chasing string, watching videos of fish on YouTube, trying to eat ham and cheese sandwiches, and waking us up in the morning by climbing on us and pawing at us till we get up”.

“We adopted her when she was 10 years old, and we would encourage anyone to think about an older cat, she definitely still keeps us on our toes, has a real personality, and often runs around like she is still a kitten”.

“During most of last year, we had a daily picture or video of her on Instagram, and a lot of people said her funny antics cheered them up during lockdowns. She certainly kept us entertained!”

“We are really grateful that Roxie came into our lives and we can’t imagine life without her now”.

“As we don’t know her exact birthday, we’ve made it today. So she will have a nice dinner and a new toy to play with later, and probably a few Dreamies as they’re her favourites!”

Everyone at the Watford centre is so happy that Roxie is doing so well. We wish her and her forever family the very best for their future together.

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