When Pascal first came into our NAWT Watford centre back in March 2023, he was very nervous and would often hide away. We were determined to try and show him that not all humans are bad, after he came in as a stray.

After much consideration, we felt it was best for him to go into a foster home, to try and adjust him to home life. It was also much more settling for him, as the kennels can be quite a scary place.

It didn’t take long for his foster carer to decide that he would never have to go back to the kennels again, as his new forever home was with her.

Pascal’s new owners have been in touch with a heart-warming update to tell us how he’s getting on.

“It’s been almost 6 months since I took Pascal home for what was meant to be fostering him for a weekend. I don't think anyone was that surprised when they found out he was staying with me forever, I don't think he was overly surprised either. He has come quite far since he's come home. When he first got here he wouldn't go near anyone - even me, and had to be on a longline in the garden whenever he was out because he wouldn't come back in.

Having him in our home has really made us appreciate the smaller things, like the first time he took a treat off of my mother (who's bed he now sleeps on every night), or the first time he came into the house from the garden on his own. He still struggles with other people, men especially, and he will growl at Jake when he comes in sometimes, but he now lets him touch and harness him 9/10 times.

A couple of days ago he chose to sit next to my nan for the first time and let her stroke him, and today he sniffed my uncle’s hand. These may seem like insignificant moments for other people and dogs, but for us it really means a lot because it shows how much confidence he has gained. Pascal used to find the other animals quite alarming - one of the cats especially, but now he's more than happy to snuggle up with her, and she's taken quite a liking to him too.

He has found his spot on the sofa right next to my mother, and when he is on my bed, he plants himself right next to me and sprawls out. He has become a snuggle bug, constantly looking for a fuss from me or my mum. He's also found his playful side, when we're in the garden he likes tennis balls, and will bark at you until you chase him, then will chase you once you've caught him! He also now gently mouths you as you play.

Pascal is sleeping next to me and the others (Fizz & Milo) as I am typing this, I know that finding a home for him wasn't easy due to his nervousness, but we wouldn't change him for the world. Thank you very much for letting him come home with me.”

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Here is Pascal enjoying life in his new home, with his new friends.