Today we got to announce that the wonderful Kobe at our Berkshire centre has been adopted! Kobe came to the centre in December 2021 and after a lengthy journey of training and learning to trust, Kobe has finally landed on his paws and found his fur-ever home. We couldn’t be happier for him! Make sure to head over to Berkshire's TikTok @trindledownfarm to see the video of him getting ready to go home.

However, not all dogs have found their fur-ever homes just yet. As part of National Rescue Dog Day, we want to highlight some of the amazing dogs that are still looking for their families at our other centres. If you think you can provide a loving home for any of the below, please click their links and select to register your interest. Alternatively, help us share these beauties far and wide, in hopes we can help them all find their fur-ever homes!

Starla - Cornwall

Meet Starla, the Husky x who has been unlucky in love! Starla is a happy, loving, and playful girl who would truly make a house a home. Starla loves her human friends so much and loves nothing more than smothering them in kisses and going on long walks. We think this girl deserves all the love in the world. Could she be the one for you?

Harley – Bedfordshire

Introducing Harley, the Rottweiler x, who is a giant softy. Harley loves making friends with new people and enjoys getting lots of fuss and attention. Ideally, Harley would like a home with someone who he can spend a lot of time with, whilst giving him all the enrichment and exercise he needs. After so long in rescue, could you be the perfect home for Harley?

Bruce – Hertfordshire

Say hello to Bruce, the 2-year-old American Bulldog who is down on his luck. Not much is known about Bruce’s history, but it’s believed he experienced a past trauma. Despite this, Bruce has a lot of time and love to give to the people he trusts. Bruce loves nothing more than a cuddle, a scratch behind the ears and playing with his best friends. He’s come such a long way on his journey of learning to trust, he’s even friends with his vet! Bruce has been with the centre for nearly 6 months and is desperate to find his furever friends – could that be you?

Charlie – Clacton

Meet Charlie, a 1-year-old Lurcher on the lookout for his fur-ever home. Charlie is an excitable boy who loves to find the fun in everything and quite often gets the zoomies! He has been working very hard on his training and is a very intelligent boy. Charlie also loves his cuddles and will often lean against you for a fuss. Could he be the dog for you?