Luna and Ebbie – Two overlooked dogs waiting for their forever homes

We would like you to meet Luna and Ebbie who are both from our NAWT Cornwall centre and are desperate to find their loving homes. They have been in our care for a while now, being overlooked by so many, and would love nothing more than to start 2023 in a home to call their own. Let’s meet them!

“Hi! I’m Luna, a young German Shepherd girly looking for a family to spend my life with! I haven't had the best luck so far. I keep seeing other dogs coming into the centre and heading to their homes, but nobody seems to be interested in me. I’m such a lovely girl, I really don't know why? 

I am a bit of an anxious young lady. I haven't known whether I’m coming or going in my life so far and this has made me a bit wary of things. I would love someone who can help me with my worries and show me that the world isn't such a scary place after all. 

Once I know you, we will be forever friends and we can have great fun together! I am working hard at the centre on getting used to other dogs as I can be a bit reactive, but it's certainly something I am improving on. I am unable to live with cats or children but a stable dog to show me the way may be an option depending on meets and greets at the centre. So, what do you think? Are you able to give me a chance?”

“Hi! I’m Ebbie! Like Luna I’m starting to get a bit sad that people just aren't interested in me. The other dogs seem to come and go and us two are still here… waiting patiently.

At first when I came to NAWT Cornwall I was a bit worried about things… but now I’m just full of beans and keeping the team fit and healthy haha! I need an active home who can keep up with me stamina wise… as I am full of energy!

As well as keeping physically active, mental stimulation is also important to me, to keep my brain working and help tire me out! I could possibly live with another dog subject to a meet at the centre… and them being able to keep up with me of course!

Although I can’t live with any cats, I'm afraid… I just can’t resist chasing them. I am working so hard with the team here on my manners and this is something I can carry on learning in my new home. So, what do you think? Could you give me a chance at the awesome new life I deserve?”

If you would be interested in giving either of these girls a home, you can apply and view both of their full profile’s on our rehoming page. Click here for Luna’s or click here for Ebbie’s. They are waiting patiently to hear from you!