Did you know that NAWT are operating a Home Direct Scheme to help pets and their owners even further? This means if you need to rehome your dog or cat, it can be done without the animal having to come into one of our rehoming centres. This service is suitable for animals that are not in a welfare compromised situation. For example, an owner might be moving abroad in a few weeks or months or simply wish to keep their pet with them until they can be rehomed.

Home direct is designed to enable us to rehome animals from the comfort of their own homes, without them having to spend time in our rehoming centres. When you first contact us regarding the Home Direct Scheme, we will take some basic information from you about your circumstances, which will enable us to determine whether your pet may be suitable for the scheme. After the initial assessment, we will book an appointment for you to visit your local centre so we can get to understand your pets needs a bit more. Once the pet is on the scheme, the teams at the centre will work to match up your pet to a new owner whilst the pet stays with you. Once a new home has been found, the pet will make the smooth transition from one home to the other.

The financial cost incurred by NAWT to offer this scheme includes staff time, veterinary fees and administrative costs. We ask owners to give a donation towards these costs once a new home for their pet is found. As the pet’s owner, you will remain liable for all costs associated with the care and upkeep of the animal up to the time you sign the admission form. You also remain legally liable for any accident or injury your animal may cause to any 3rd party. We advise you to keep your pet insured until we have found a new home.

Common questions…

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

If we find a home, but the owner decides they cannot keep the pet, he or she will be returned to our centre.

What rights do I have?

Your pet will remain in your ownership until we have found a new home and you have signed our admission form, which transfers ownership to the NAWT. Once this form is signed your pet will legally belong to NAWT.

Could I exit the scheme if I change my mind?

You can discontinue anytime before the admission form is signed. However, if you do pull out, we ask you consider the costs already incurred and make a donation to help us help more animals.

How much time will it take e.g., travel time?

This varies, and we will work within your availability and transport, but we advise this is a two way process and the more available you are the quicker we can find a loving home.

Do I have to bring my pet to the centre?

Yes, for the assessment, potential owner visits and again when we have found a home for him or her.

Will this exclude me from getting another pet from NAWT?

No, we understand that people’s circumstances change over time, giving a pet up for rehoming is often a responsible choice for people who can no longer keep it, so this would not necessarily prevent you from rehoming in future.

If you have any questions regarding this scheme, please contact your local centre.