Honey and Truffles – two strays who found their happy ever after

We are absolutely delighted to bring you this wonderful update from our NAWT Berkshire centre. Two little dogs who were brought into us in a bad way, now have the happiest of endings.

Sadly, it is becoming more common for dog wardens to receive calls about dumped breeding dogs. These dogs are being found frightened and alone, abandoned at the sides of roads or in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to sustain them. This is simply because they are no longer of use, therefore are often faced with lots of problems and rely on people like us to rescue them and give them the care they need.

This was the reality for Honey and Truffles, as they arrived at our centre as strays, with severe medical problems. Both dogs were covered in mites, Honey’s fur was matted, and Truffles had bald patches across her body.

We then discovered the worst part of their ordeal, as we found a lump on Honey’s leg that needed emergency attention. We removed it straight away, and it was sent off for analysis to see if it was cancerous. It was then arranged for Truffles to be seen by an ophthalmologist as we suspected her eye would sadly have to be removed, due to what is thought to be an immune defect. Her tear ducts did not produce any tears, which resulted in a large amount of discomfort with both her eye and nose due to them not receiving the lubrication they need.  

During their time at our centre, both dogs ended up becoming good friends. They enjoyed each other’s company, going out for walks, and playing. This took time, however, as when Honey first arrived, she refused to use a dog bed, instead finding any box to curl up in and fall asleep, as it’s clear this is all she had ever known.

Honey would often find a cardboard box to sleep in

On the other hand, Truffles built up trust quite quickly with the team, and was very patient with her eye drops which had to be done around 9 times a day. But it was soon decided that she would have a better quality of life if the eye was removed.

Truffles receiving a cuddle from one of our team members

Due to the cost of the joint vet bills, NAWT Berkshire appealed for help to raise £2,500, and thanks to our fantastic supporters not only did they manage to raise it but smashed it! Therefore, enough money was raised to not only cover the operations, but also any medication and additional treatments needed.

Truffles eye was removed, and she recovered well adapting to her new one-eyed life very quickly. Honey’s results also came back as benign, and everyone at the centre was ecstatic. After lots of recuperating, it was time to put both dogs up for adoption, so we could finally give them the happy ending they both deserve.

We are now extremely pleased to announce that both dogs have got a loving home, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Both owners have sent us over an amazing update.

Honey’s owners: “She has settled into the family so well and is adored by everyone. She loves her walks and is quickly learning good recall and is able to enjoy some off-leash time. Aside from snuggling up with us at every opportunity, her absolute favourite thing seems to be going in the car. Every morning she runs up to the car hoping to go for a drive and when we do take her out, she’s curled up asleep in the back seat before we’ve even left the driveway! She appears very happy and healthy, and we are so grateful to have her with us.”

Truffles' owners: “Truffles is living her best life! She has the run of the home and garden settling in fab feels like we have had her forever she is very loved enjoying adapting to her food etc loving walks and chilling too.”

We want to thank everyone who was involved in Honey and Truffles' journey, and we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

Although we would never turn our back on an animal in need of our help, it does come at a cost. Anything you can give, is really appreciated, and we are so thankful to our supporters as without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

You can donate today by clicking here. Thank you for helping us provide more animals like Honey and Truffles a brighter future.

Please enjoy the images below of Honey and Truffles looking happier, and in their new homes.