Farewell to Barry 2017-2023

Working in Rescue is always a roller coaster of emotions, and this week has been no exception.

It is with the greatest sadness, that we are letting our supporters know, that Barry the pig passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. It all happened very quickly, and the entire team are shell-shocked and struggling to take it all in.

Barry came into NAWT Berkshire’s care in 2017, and it didn’t take long for everyone who visited the centre to fall in love with his sassy, but cheeky, nature.

Barry's first ever day

In life, Barry loved his food and his bed the most. At times he was lazy and a bit stubborn, but he was a huge character who we will miss beyond words.

During the just giving campaign called ‘’Barry Can’t Swim ‘’, aimed at raising money for NAWT Berkshire following flood damage, Barry appeared on numerous TV shows and in newspapers across the country.

The ‘’Barry Can’t Swim ‘’ campaign was aptly named after we discovered that Barry hated water! The media were fascinated by the fact that a pig loathed water, and this is what made Barry so very special. During the campaign he raised thousands of pounds for the centre, so he certainly helped us by earning his keep. He was indeed a national treasure, and we were so very lucky to have him.

One of our favourite memories was watching him sleep and snore so loudly whilst a huge corporate team of volunteers were strimming all the ground around him; he never stirred once!

Over the years Barry lived with numerous different animals and never minded one bit, so long as they didn’t go near his food.

We are all quite numb at the moment, but we know we gave Barry an amazing life which was full of love for him. He knew he was special.

Sleep well Barry, there will never be another like you! You have left us with so many amazing memories that will always make us smile.

From all the team at NAWT Berkshire.