I started volunteering at NAWT Watford in March 2018 and Evie arrived in May 2018, she was an extremely nervous cat and wouldn’t let you go near to her without hissing and going for you, she was very short tempered. I used to avoid her because I was frightened too. However, after a very long time, Evie started to come out of her shell, but always stayed in her bed and very seldom walked around as the other cats did.

At this time, I had Zarri who was an amazing cat with a heart of gold, who also had come from the NAWT, so I couldn’t take on another cat. Unfortunately, he developed diabetes and I had to have him put to sleep at the end of July 2019. By this time, Evie was trusting me and Lucas (NAWT staff) told me that he had spent a lot of time with her and that she trusted him and would let him stroke her. Having said this, she still didn’t get on with all the staff and volunteers.

By the time it got to the end of October I felt really very sorry for Evie as she always looked so sad, she was 13 years of age and had been at the centre for 16 months as unfortunately, nobody wanted her. So, I decided I would take her home. Angie, who also volunteers at the same time I do, kindly volunteered to come home with me.  I took a number of Evie’s bits and pieces so she wouldn’t be too stressed and made a hide away in the utility room for her. When we opened the carrier, she jumped out, lay on the floor, then walked around sniffing and jumped up onto the couch and made herself comfortable. Angie and I were standing there with our mouths open in absolute amazement.

I have had cats all of my life, but I have NEVER seen or had a cat who was so very happy and contented so quickly. She made herself at home, kept licking and nibbling my hand, loved all her food, and just purred and purred.

Every so often she changes her mind about where she wants to sleep, it is either, in the lounge, study, conservatory, airing cupboard or in my bedroom, on my side of the bed – do you think she would move when I get into bed? Of course not! So I have to try and slide around her and then she spreads out and makes things really uncomfortable for me, but, I could never ask her to move now could I?

This is her first Christmas in her new home and I am going to get her a whole lot of treats, she can have some chicken, yogurt, Dreamies and some catnip toys all of which she absolutely adores. In fact every morning now she sits by my feet waiting for her yogurt and some Dreamies and then she will go and settle down and sleep.

Any friends who visit me stroke her and she rubs her head against their hands and wants them to stroke her under her chin – everyone has fallen in love with her.  

I just cannot believe I am saying this when she was such an unapproachable cat whilst she was at NAWT.

It goes to show how animals change when they are in loving homes with space to go wherever they like. Very recently she actually asked to go out in the garden. First of all I put her on a lead. She hated this, but I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. Luckily, she just walked around the garden sniffing everywhere and then wanted to come back into the warmth. I decided to let her go out on her own, but watch her from the conservatory – she does exactly the same, but I am really pleased how happy she still is. When the weather gets a bit better Angie and I will try and get her to use the cat flap.

Evie is an extremely thoughtful cat and her thoughts this Christmas are that all the other cats who were at NAWT with her have now found forever homes and are as happy as she is. I too hope that in 2020 all the animals at the NAWT’s dreams will come true and they'll find loving and caring owners and will be as happy as Evie and I are. Meet her friends at Watford here.