Second-hand September

This month we are celebrating second hand September, and as a charity we solely rely on your donations to help look after the animals that are in our care. Therefore, we are hoping to use this occasion to encourage people to think “donate” wherever possible, and this includes crafting and upcycling.

Do you enjoy crafting?

If the answer is yes, then have you ever considered making items for our centres? This can include so many things, but one example we have is knitting. Back in the lockdown period Elaine, from Cornwall, decided to use her time to knit the latest fashion in dog jackets. She also then expanded her idea and started to make matching hats for the owners too (how cool is that?!). These are still for sale in our charity shop in Hayle.

We also need to keep our animals warm in the winter, so another great item we have received is knitted blankets. Here you can see one of our resident cats from Bedfordshire enjoying the wool under her paws:

Back at our Cornwall centre and a lovely volunteer of theirs, Moira, turns donated duvets and any fabric into dog beds which are then sold on.

Why not try your hand to upcycling

If you are ever having a clear out at home, we would always encourage you to think “donate”. Even if it is an item that may not seem like it will be of any use to begin with, could it be changed into something else?

Our Berkshire centre has had a huge selection of items made and donated to them. They have had a children’s playhouse repurposed into hutches for their rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as some handmade enrichment made in collaboration with volunteers and their handy man.

Not only this, but people have also upcycled goods that were donated to be sold at the centre to help raise additional funds for the animals. This included a handmade wishing well, a chair, a bug hotel, and a hedgehog house.

Here are some of our other ideas:

  • An old chest of drawers – a recycled drawer could be turned into a bed for a cat
  • Old/unused tyres – could be used for animals to play in, or even turned into a bed
  • Unwanted clothes – could be adjusted and turned into coats/jackets for dogs
  • Unwanted bedding/sheets – could be used as shelter from the sun or rain for the animals, or bedding
  • Blankets – can be used as bedding and comfort for the animals
  • Cardboard – can be used to create toys for the rabbits and hideaways
  • Cooking pots – these can be turned into water bowls for larger dogs

We would always advise to give your local centre a call first to see if there is anything in particular they need. It may also be a good idea to make sure they have space for the item you are thinking of donating.