Out with the old and in with the new

At the start of a new year, many of us give in to the urge to 'declutter' and organise our lives before another hectic year.

This year, we're putting together a guide to help you decide 'is it really worth donating?' While as a charity we appreciate donations big and small, some items just simply cannot be used at our centres.

However many of your old and unwanted items can create a wonderful gift for a homeless animal. Every year, each of our centres get through hundreds of blankets, towels, dog toys and bed sheets.

Do you have an old linen cupboard that needs emptying? Perhaps an old TV that still works or radio? These can all be used in our centres!

Donate old or unwanted items that can help us raise money

Listed below are items that you may no longer have any use for, but which we can use as a charity to raise much-needed funds for the animals in our care:

- Used postage stamps

- Unwanted foreign currency

- Any unwanted jewellery, odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery, watches. In all materials: plastic, wood, bronze, gold, silver and metal

De-cluttering 101

Donating old items to charity not only frees up space in your house, shed or garden, it's also a good deed that will continue to help hundreds of homeless animals!

Blankets, towels, bed sheets, newspapers, pet food and treats & animal toys all in good condition can be donated to our centres. 

All you need to do is collect the items together in a bag and drop them off at your local centre! Each NAWT branch has bins outside labelled with what donation you should put in which - if you're not sure you can always drop them off at reception who are happy to help.

Where to go

You can find the address of your local centre on our centre page, here are all the details and contact for you to drop off any donations!

Thank you!