Help get Paddy Home for Christmas!

We are thrilled to announce that Paddy is @cornishsealsanctuary 's Dog of the Week!

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, based in Gweek near Helston, has joined NAWT Cornwall’s hunt to find a forever home for Paddy the pooch this Christmas.

Paddy, an 11-year-old Cockapoo, has been down on his luck for a while now and needs someone to give him a chance and the life he deserves.

Paddy has been in the care of the National Animal Welfare Trust Cornwall (NAWT) for a whole year, after struggling to find a forever family in three different homes.

He’s now been named the Seal Sanctuary’s very popular social media feature ‘Dog of the Week’ to help him in his journey to his forever home!

We want to say a huge thank you to the team at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary who allowed us, and Paddy, to come along out of hours to see the seals and be their dog of the week! We were truly made to feel very special, and Paddy had a ball!

Jana Sirova, General Manager for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, says: “Here at the Sanctuary, we know all too well the importance of making sure animals are being cared for to the highest welfare standards, and how important the right home can be.

“Paddy is a wonderful pup that deserves to find his forever family this Christmas to share his life with, and we were thrilled to be able to make him our ‘Dog of the Week’ – something we often do with four-pawed guests visiting our site on social media.

“He enjoyed a wonderful visit to the site, meeting our marine residents and making our staff fall in love with him from the moment we met him. We’re sure one of our supporters could have the perfect home just waiting for him!”

Paddy, also known as ‘Captain Paddy Four Paws’, has been living at the National Animal Welfare Trust rescue centre in Hayle for the last 12 months, waiting for ‘the one’ to come along and give him the chance he deserves.

While, on the surface, he has the perfect doggy life (walks on the beach, lots of playtime and more), what he really needs now is a family who would like to love him for the rest of his life.

Amy Hall, from NAWT, says: “Paddy originally came to the centre at age 10 after his family were no longer able to care for him. Things soon became clear that Paddy wasn't your average cockapoo – he takes his time to trust people, and in particular struggles with allowing people to touch his body.

“He will often also guard items, people, and food. We don’t know where these things have stemmed from but being 11-years-old, these are not things that Paddy will completely overcome.

“Instead, we’re looking for a home who will work with Paddy on these things (with the ongoing support of the centre) and respect that this gorgeous boy simply has his quirks and work with them to gain his trust.”

Having tried living in a home with another dog, it’s clear Paddy simply enjoys life much more one-on-one, so a single-person or two-person home would be the best thing for him.

And, while Paddy has so far been down on his luck, the team just know that the right home is out there.

Amy says: “This boy has so much love to give and is looking for the right person to share his life with, and a family who respects his boundaries. Captain Paddy needs a crewmate!

“It may take time to grow his trust, but this boy is worth every second of the time you put into making this happen – and an owner who is willing to put the time and effort in to building this bond is so important.

“After so many failed attempts at rehoming, it’s so important that Paddy gets his perfect match. He really is the next contender for Britain's unluckiest dog… and it’s about time that changed!”

Could you be the home that Paddy needs? Here are some of the criteria you’ll need to meet to make Paddy’s next home a success:

• No other pets in the home

• Based within Cornwall at a distance where the new owner can regularly come to the centre for training and guidance both before and after adoption

• No children (Paddy is not too keen on sharing his owners!)

• Plenty of treats!

• Lots of walks and play time

• Room to have his own designated room or space whilst settling in/transitioning into a home

Although he may be 11, Paddy is a young boy at heart. His favourite walks involve lots of swimming and splashing in puddles.

To find out more, or to apply to become Paddy’s crew mate, please click here: