Second hand September

We are continuing to celebrate second-hand September. We want to encourage everyone to shop second hand with NAWT and find unique, money-saving outfits that are new to you, whilst reducing the impact of fast fashion and raising money for homeless and abandoned animals.

Why is pre-loved fashion so popular

Follow in the footsteps of the love islanders, who all wore pre-loved fashion from eBay throughout the 2022 summer series, and freshen up your wardrobe with affordable, planet-loving and waste-reducing second-hand fashion.  With the rise of pre-loved fashion, we have seen the likes of fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing, opening a separate marketplace for used clothes. This implements the message to resell, re-wear and recycle. They have since made Indiyah, one of the recent islanders, an ambassador.

As of last year, eBay sales of pre-loved fashion and homewares have rocketed in the UK, with over 60 million purchases being made. There has also been an increase in usage of apps such as Depop and Vinted.

Looking for a seasonal wardrobe change?

We want to use this opportunity to let you know that we sell a wide range of pre-loved clothes, suiting to all occasions. Not only that, but every pre-loved item sold at NAWT raises much needed funds for the homeless animals in our care. With Autumn well on its way, maybe it’s time for a seasonal wardrobe change. But instead of visiting the high street, why not give one of our shops a go.

Linda, NAWT’s very own volunteer manager, has modelled some of the clothes that are on display in our Watford shop. This ranges from outfits to wear into the office, when you’re on the go, or if you’re just looking for comfort. You can even complete your look with our range of  bags, jewellery, and hair accessories.

Perhaps you are not looking to make a purchase right now, but instead you have unwanted clothes sitting at the back of your cupboard. We’d be delighted if you would consider donating them to one of our shops. Something you no longer want, could be exactly what someone else is looking for.

New items for your home

Whether you are looking to give your home décor a fresh look, or need a new item for your kitchen, it’s always worth considering a visit to your local charity shop to save money and help out a worthy cause while you’re at it.

We have had items donated to us including vases, glassware, and ornaments. Take a look at our Tik Tok to see our charity shop haul and the type of items you can expect to find in one of our charity shops.

Buy clothes, and help animals at the same time

Not only does buying second hand clothing help reduce the impact of fast fashion, but every penny you spend in a NAWT charity shop or in the NAWT eBay store goes directly towards  helping homeless animals and offering them a safe place to stay.