Caramel the yummy mummy

Meet Caramel, a 4-year-old Mastiff cross, who we felt was appropriate to recognise this Mother’s Day. After coming into us an unclaimed stray back in October 2022, with nowhere to call home, we were amazed to discover she was 8 weeks pregnant.

Our NAWT Watford centre took this wonderful lady into their care, where she moved in with our live-in staff so she could be closely monitored. She slowly learnt what it felt like to be loved again, and appreciated all the attention she received as she prepared to give birth.

She soon welcomed seven beautiful puppies into the world, four boys and three girls. Naming the new arrivals was an easy decision, as we knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity for them to follow in their mum’s footsteps. The boys were named Mars, Rolo, Nougat, and Fudge, and the girls were called Wispa, KitKat and Twix.

This yummy mummy and her rightfully named pups, were all moved into foster care, where they could adjust to living in a home. They all learnt what is feels like to be fed and cared for, as well as experience the warmth of a bed. They all stayed here until the puppies were old enough to be separated from mum, and get ready to meet potential adopters.

The day finally came where the pups were ready to fledge the nest, and all eight dogs were moved back to the centre. All seven puppies found loving new families in December, all in separate homes. We were delighted to welcome them back for their vaccinations with our vet and look forward to seeing them again later this year when they are old enough to be neutered.

Caramel was also rehomed in December, just in time to join her family for the Christmas celebrations. Her new owners have been in touch to give us an update:

“Caramel has settled down really well and is loving life with all her new toys and treats and she loves napping on our beds during the day and loved sleeping on the sofa during the night too.”

We are so proud of Caramel after following her on this journey, and we are so pleased we were able to give her the second chance in life that she deserved! You are such an admirable mum, Caramel, and we can’t wait to now follow you on the next chapter in your life.

You can view all dogs we currently have available for rehoming on our website:

Caramel in her new home