Bruce, a black lurcher, arrived at NAWT Berkshire from the pound in February 2019. At first he came across as a fairly relaxed boy with no worries.

But then something changed, he became very protective of his room and he began to guard it against anyone who passed, including visitors, volunteers and staff. Those who got close to his kennel would witness him barking, snarling, lunging and charging at the door.

Thankfully, Bruce eventually made friends with animal carer Jon, who was determined to find this boy a home. Jon spent his lunch breaks sat in Bruce’s room reading to him out loud. Every day, he’d head back to the same spot in Bruce’s room, sit down and start to read to him.

The visible change in Bruce was incredible. Instead of guarding his room, he would simply curl up on his couch and focus on Jon as he read to him.

For 6 months, Jon dedicated his days to helping Bruce and finally in September 2019, a lovely couple approached Bruce’s room. Bruce sat calmly, waiting to see if these people would be his new family.

Whilst we had to inform them of his previous behaviour for their own safety, the meeting went much better than expected, and it wasn’t long before Bruce headed off home with his new family.

It has now been 8 months since Bruce headed home, and we've recently heard from his new family that he's doing great! He's even passed his test for the Kennel Club Bronze Good Dog Citizen award at the Abingdon Dog Training Club.

Since being home, he very rarely barks at all. He loves nothing more than a good run around in the fields.

He loves to cuddle up for a snooze on the sofa with his new owners. He's grown in confidence with other dogs now and potentially in the future he will get a sister... how exciting!

We wish you all the best Bruce, lots of love to you and your new family.