First Impressions:

Birdie arrived at NAWT in May 2021 when she was 5 and a half years old. She had been a very much-loved member of the family in her previous home, but sadly her owners were no longer able to look after her, so they brought her to NAWT to find a new home.

Winning our Hearts:

She may be a mini-lop but she has a very big personality, which quickly made her a favourite among staff. She is a confident, loving girl who just loves attention. When staff entered her enclosure, she would run up to greet them and hop around their feet until she got fusses or food (her two favourite things). She’s an older lady and knows exactly what she wants, so if people come in and move her things around in a way she doesn’t like, she’ll soon let you know by thumping her paws on it until you move it back! And she is NOT a fan of the dustpan and brush so don’t leave it next to her or she will pick it up in her mouth and move it for you!

A Sad Discovery:

During her neuter operation, the vet found that Birdie had cancerous tumours in her uterus. It was removed but sadly it was the type of cancer that has a very high likelihood of spreading, so everyone had to be aware that the cancer may return at any point, and it would be very difficult to predict her future.

Her uncertain health meant that Birdie struggled to find a home. Although visitors all fell in love with her sweet nature and funny personality, it is very daunting for owners to take on a pet with medical needs and it is not for everyone.

Sadly, during her time looking for a home, Birdie took a turn for the worst and the vets made her unavailable for adoption as they did not think she had long to live so we planned to care for her in her last few days at the centre.

Strength and Spirit:

But this little bunny is a fighter! Against all odds, Birdie continued to pull through, amazing the vets and staff each day for the next two months! However, this left Birdie in a difficult situation because her condition was so unpredictable and each new day was a blessing for her, but she still could not find a home that was willing to take on this uncertainty. As we were now heading into winter, the cold and dark weather conditions were also proving difficult for Birdie which caused a change in her mood; she became very subdued and lost interest in her food. This added risk was a real worry.

A Happy Ending:

In November 2021, a member of staff decided that they would take Birdie in and give her a warm, safe home for as long as she needed, even if that time would be short. From the moment she stepped foot out of her carrier, Birdie was back to her old self. Having a whole room to herself in the house, with a bed by the radiator and constant companionship from her new owner, she soon perked up and began munching down her food again. Even the fireworks didn’t phase her because she knew she was safe now and had a home!

And Now:

Birdie is still with that staff member and is loved beyond belief. She continues to be the sweet, funny and loving character we knew; she likes to regularly hop up onto her owner’s lap for a cuddle (and to try to stop them going to work!) and she loves to munch on her treats and veggies, but she will still make it known if she doesn’t like the furniture changes and will soon tell you off if you bring the dustpan too close! Sadly, she has now lost her sight in both eyes, but she is otherwise well and is slowly learning to adjust to her sight loss with the help of her owner who says:

“It is a joy to have Birdie in my life and I see every new day with her as a privilege because I know how lucky we are to have it. She is always there to do something funny, cute or loving and I’m just glad I have been able to give such a special little rabbit the home and care she needs.”

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