Katie arrived in the care of the NAWT Clacton team with her kitten from the previous litter. She was heavily pregnant again already, so the animal carers made sure she felt as safe and comfortable as possible, ready to give birth safely.

She gave birth to five happy and healthy little bundles of joy, and was an incredible mother to each of them. The team loved caring for Katie and her adorable kittens, and they definitely put a long overdue smile on everyone’s face during lockdown.

As the kittens continued to grow, the staff began weaning them away from Katie, so that she was able to receive some much needed one on one attention herself. A loving and affectionate girl, everyone was certain it wouldn’t take much time to find her a loving home. 

A perfect family soon arrived, consisting of Mum, Dad and their 9-year old son, who was very excited to have Katie as part of his family. Now relinquished of the responsibility of looking after kittens, Katie’s playful personality soon emerged. 

The kittens also had plenty of interest from many potential adopters. The team were able to rehome one of the confident little girls, named Bessie, with a lovely canine companion.

The other two sisters, called Hope and Lottie, were rehomed together with a nice couple and their 5-year old son, Jake – who created a thank you card for all of the team, because he was so grateful they had been chosen as the kittens forever family. 

Jake decided to re-name the girls Taffy and Diggy, these cheeky felines have already become Jake’s little shadows, chasing him around the house wherever he goes – Purrfect!

The two boys, Dennis and Wilbur, were also rehomed together. Their forever family includes two older teenage brothers, who had been studying hard for their A levels when the Coronavirus brought things to a sudden halt. 

The kittens helped them to take their thoughts away from the pandemic and to have some fun. Dennis and Wilbur have certainly grown in both size and personality, they now even think that they rule the home, a very cheeky pair!