Badger and Bam Bam (formerly Crumpet and Waffle) came to us in November 2021 because their owners were moving house and couldn't keep them. They're a very sweet pair but like most guinea pigs, they were quite shy when they came to us.

They have now found their forever family, who recently sent us the following update:

"I just thought I’d let you know that Crumpet and Waffle are settling in well. They are now Badger (mixed colours) and Bam Bam (the white one). Badger is now confident enough not to scurry away and hide when she hears me coming. They both allowed us to feed them through the bars today. Badger has even licked my son!"

"They are still skittish when we need to pick them up to clean up their incredible number of poos! The fleece liner is lovely and one end has folded over fabric which doubles as a great hiding place that Bam Bam likes to chill out in. We have seen them be very sweet with each other but also they have both shown dominance towards each other too!

Bam Bam also eats the wooden house window, despite having some applewood to chew on!"