This November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we want to help shine a light on older pets to show they are just as deserving of a loving home.

A perfect example of this is Snowy’s story, who was adopted from our NAWT Watford centre back in May 2023 at 11-years-old.

Snowy’s owner has got in touch with us, not only to give a loving update, but also to talk about why she decided to adopt a senior dog as a first-time dog owner.

Hannah said,

“I'd been considering adopting a dog for a few years when I came across the advert for Snowy. I was looking for an older dog as I had never owned a dog before and I was hoping to find a dog already trained, so it was less of a learning curve for me. I also was conscious that I live in a flat and I was not convinced I had the space for a lively puppy to thrive.

When I met Snowy, I could see she was easy going but I could also tell she had a playful personality, even though she was 11 years old. Since adopting Snowy she has really come into her own. She loves greeting all the other dogs on her walks and is very spirited. Often other dog walkers are shocked to hear of her age, as she is often the playful one. Equally though, she loves to cuddle up while I'm working or watching TV. She is great with children too which was important to me as I have three young nieces who are a big part of my life. They now love her as much as I do.

I am so grateful that I met Snowy and adopted her as she has had such a joyful, positive effect on my life and I'm glad to be providing her a good retirement home. I would definitely recommend adopting an older dog.”

If you think you might have space in your heart and home to adopt a senior pet, then make sure to head over to our website where you can view all our animals up for rehoming:

Keep an eye on our website this month, where we will be sharing more stories on senior pets.