This November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we want to help shine a light on older pets to show they are just as deserving of a loving home.

Last week we shared Snowy’s story, who was adopted from our NAWT Watford centre at 11-years-old. We now want you to meet Jack, who wasn’t the biggest fan of people when he came into our NAWT Berkshire centre back in October 2022. But since going into his new home, he has become very affectionate with his new human!

Jack is now 14 years old, and his owner has provided us a lovely update on how he is getting on.

I adopted Jack in December 2022, so I've had him for 11 months. He has settled in very well. He adores me and follows me everywhere, even to the toilet. He likes to be close to me and sleeps against my leg/foot on the footstool. At night he sleeps in the bedroom doorway, I think he's guarding me or making sure I don't escape.

When I first got him, he was a biter but over the months that has dwindled to very nearly nothing as he's learnt to trust me. He is a scaredy cat when it comes to any visitors, he always hides away when someone comes, but with me he's affectionate and loving. He's also a very hungry boy and eats well, his belly has a timer in it. He loves a routine and lets me know when it's feeding and bedtime. If I'm not prompt about it, he will continue to let me know until I do his bidding.

I chose Jack for a few reasons, firstly because he was a senior cat. I'm not very mobile or energetic so a kitten or young cat would be too much for me. Secondly, I feel so sorry for the older cats who've lost their owners, either through death or illness. After the trauma of that and being in a shelter, they deserve to have a happy loving home to live out their days. Thirdly, Jack didn't need access to outside space, which I don't have, so he was a perfect match for me. He adores me as much as I adore him and I'm very happy with him.

If you think you might have space in your heart and home to adopt a senior pet, then make sure to head over to our website where you can view all our animals up for rehoming:

Keep an eye on our website this month, where we will be sharing more stories on senior pets.