This November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we want to help shine a light on older pets to show they are just as deserving of a loving home.

We have been sharing with you lots of stories from some of our elder residents, who have gone onto find their forever homes. It has been lovely to hear how they have been getting on, as well as receiving updates from their owners who have taken the time to talk about why they opted for an older pet.

Doris came into our NAWT Berkshire centre back in May 2021. She was in our care for a little while until Caroline came along and offered her a loving retirement home in January 2022.

Caroline said,

“We adopted Doris in January of 2022. When we arrived home, she wandered about and sat by the cat flap and asked to go out. It was like she’d been with us forever within a few hours.

Over the past year or so, she’s come out of her shell, and fallen in love with our youngest son. She snuggles into him, listens to bedtime stories, and follows him around. She now loves even more fuss and will flop down on the sofa.

She likes to potter around the garden, climbs the fence, and annoy the neighbour’s dog!

We’re got her thyroid settled after a medication change and a few vet trips, she’s in the healthy zone for this. She’s gained weight and her coat is silky smooth.

We love senior cats, there’s something about them. They just sort of move in and that’s it, we’re so glad we adopted Doris, or so often called, Her Majesty.”

If you think you might have space in your heart and home to adopt a senior pet, then make sure to head over to our website where you can view all our animals up for rehoming:

Keep an eye on our website this month, where we will be sharing more stories on senior pets.