Abandoned on Christmas Eve – Frankie and Evie's Story

It was the early hours of Christmas Eve when our NAWT Cornwall centre made a shocking discovery, sadly tainting their Christmas spirit.

They were alerted to a female dog and two of her pups who had been abandoned, and our staff immediately sprang into action. Upon the dog’s arrival at our centre, it was clear they were cold, hungry, underweight, and in urgent need of care. All three were covered in fleas, had swollen stomachs full of worms, were anaemic, and completely drained of energy, so much so they could barely lift their heads up to feed. As we began to treat the poorly pups, we decided to name the mum Evie, and the two puppies Murphy and Frankie.

During that first night, we suffered a devastating blow, as Murphy, the first puppy, was too weak to carry on and sadly passed away. Then Frankie, the second puppy, started to deteriorate and had to make a trip to the emergency vets and was put on fluids. He was then closely monitored throughout the day, whilst Evie, the mum, received care back at the centre.

Murphy sadly did not make it through the night.

Later that afternoon, Frankie was brought back to the centre looking a lot brighter and was ready for snuggles with mum. He was still not out of the woods yet, and it was touch and go whether he would survive. Both Frankie, and his mum, were checked on frequently all day and night, being fed every 2 hours over the Christmas period.

Evie when she was first brought into the centre

Frankie was very weak when he first came into us

We can now announce, that Frankie is doing very well and is stronger than ever. He has made friends with the kittens in the cattery and loves to play! His mum, Evie, is also doing amazingly well, is very vocal, and absolutely loves going for walks with the team to take some time to herself, leaving Frankie to play with the kittens!

We want to take this opportunity to urge those who are struggling with the upkeep of their pets, to seek help. This situation could have been easily avoided, and we would like to highlight that abandoning pets is never the answer.

Evie and Frankie’s story could have been so different had someone not found them and brought them to us, and we cannot stress enough that we are always on hand to offer any help and support where needed.

Frankie has already found his forever home and will move in once he is old enough, and strong enough. Evie has begun her search for a forever home, and you can view her full profile here: www.nawt.org.uk/rehoming/anima... we have all paws crossed that everything works out for them!

All our centres, including NAWT Cornwall, can be contacted should you wish to discuss relinquishing a pet, or seek support. You can find the details here: www.nawt.org.uk/our-services/our-centres/