A loving home a day, keeps the stress away - Treacle’s story.

When ex-racing Greyhounds come into our care, quite often they are already used to living in a kennel environment. This is because they spend a lot of time in kennels whilst they are racing, so coming to us is nothing out of the ordinary.  

However, when Treacle came into our NAWT Watford centre back in May 2022, we were surprised when he found life at the centre quite stressful. But as we got to know him, we came to realise that it was because he was a sensitive, gentle soul, so he found things quite worrying.

Unfortunately, this caused Treacle to become quite unwell, and he had regular diarrhoea throughout his stay with us. Here at NAWT we provide full medical care for all our animals, so it was a trip to the vet for this poorly boy. After many examinations and tests, the vet determined that the diarrhoea was in fact the result of being a very stressed and unhappy dog, this didn’t come as a surprise.

Sadly, time passed by, and as we approached the end of the year Treacle was still looking for a home. Christmas was fast approaching, therefore, we made it our mission for him to be in a home so he could at least spend Christmas feeling a bit happier. We were relieved when we managed to pair him up with a fosterer, where he could stay until we found Treacle’s forever home.

Just two weeks later, we were delighted to receive a call from the fosterer, to be told that he wouldn’t be returning to our centre! Treacle’s fosterers fell head over hills in love with him, so decided they would like to adopt him. They also told us that his diarrhoea stopped just days after he arrived there, and he was now a completely happy, healthy dog. Treacle is also now called Remi and is continuing to thrive in his happy home.

This just goes to show the magic that being in a loving home has. We are so pleased that Remi is now happier than ever living his best life.

Would you like to give a dog a new lease of life? You can see all the dogs we have available for rehoming on our website here.

Here is Treacle (Remi) in his new home.