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Tails of the Unexpected

If something unexpected happened to you, do you know who would look after your dog? Would your chosen carer know how much to feed your cat, what medication to give your guinea pig or whether your furry friend likes to be tickled behind the ears?

Only 20% of pet owners we surveyed have made plans for their pets should they find they were suddenly and unexpectedly called away from home.  And just 6% of them have actually written it down and notified those concerned.

We live in uncertain times

We are asked on a regular basis to help in situations where an owner is unexpectedly required to be away from home and has no one to care for their pets. Unfortunately we are unable to help as our centres are already full of animals looking for new owners. We are not licensed to nor do we have the capacity to offer private boarding.

So when our pet ownership survey told us that so few people had plans in place for the unexpected, we decided to put together a helpful guide to make it easier for you to spend a little time thinking about care arrangements if you were suddenly and unexpectedly called away from home. We did this because we know how important your pets are to you and that you want the peace of mind knowing that your pet is in safe hands and their routine is disrupted as little as possible whilst you are away.

Prepare for the Unexpected

You might rely on your neighbour to feed your cat, your family to look after your dog and a house sitter to feed your guinea pigs. Whatever plans you have got in place - and even if you're thinking about it for the first time - use our information to review or make your plans for the unexpected.

I’ve got my plan. What next?

Once you have completed your plan, make sure you share it with your chosen carer or carers and keep it somewhere safe - and if you think it has been useful, please share this page with others.