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Published on September 07, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Star | 4 months

Pretty girl Star in Cornwall dreams of a lap to sit on!

As soon as a member of staff or volunteer sits down to do train or groom beautiful Star, she will curl up on their lap wanting to go to sleep!

She will make a perfect companion for someone who is at home all-day and looking for company. A very gentle cat, Star would prefer to be the only one in the house where she can get all of the attention.

Published on September 07, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Bessie has been waiting patiently at NAWT for her forever home for over three years. Bessie is around 10 years old, and was brought into our Hertfordshire centre in 2014 as a stray.

After being overlooked by visitors at Hertfordshire, she was transferred to our Berkshire centre, which specialises in homing older animals.

Sadly, she still hasn’t managed to find her perfect match, but we all know she will make a wonderful pet; we just need the right person to come along. 

Published on September 05, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Handsome boy Marley is seven and can be a little shy of new people and situations, so his ideal home would be a quiet one!

Marley needs an environment where he can gain confidence at his own pace and once he does this gorgeous boy would be a treat to have as a companion! 

This gorgeous black and white boy loves fuss and playing, but he must be the only cat in the home as others can make him quite nervous!

Published on September 05, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Opie the Staffie cross is a lovely, shy girl who needs a fairly quiet home.

Although she can be nervous around strangers, once she gets to know you she is very 'daft' and loving!

Adored by NAWT Cornwall staff, Opie has great fun playing with toys and interactive games, but her favourite thing is having a bath!

This girlie is looking for an extra special home without children as she lacked socialisation as a puppy, and becomes very nervous around them. 

Published on September 05, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Gorgeous black cat Jonty is six-years-old and has been at our Hertfordshire centre for over a year.

He’s an intelligent moggy who loves food, playing and having all the attention!

Jonty likes to go on adventures and explores new environments with confidence, but doesn’t like being picked up.

Because he likes all the attention to himself, it is recommended that Jonty be the only pet in the house.

This gorgeous feline used to live with children who made him quite nervous, so it’s recommended that he is rehomed to a family where everyone is 14 and over.


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