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Published on August 10, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Our #CLAWGUST featured cat this week is from our Cornwall centre – Flint is a beautiful grey tabby and desperately needs a forever home.

He arrived at the centre earlier this year and came in as a stray, because of this we don't know much about him, but we do know he has a lot of love to give!

Although he is a bit nervous, Flint will come round if you take the time to softly talk to him (treats can do the trick too).

He not only has the most beautiful coat and striking eyes, he will also provide hours of entertainment as he loves playing.

Published on August 10, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode of Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special? Who spotted Felix in the Petplan ad going home with mum and son Mary and Basil?

Fluffy Felix was spotted by Basil’s 17-year-old brother, Ignatius, while he was working his Saturday job as an animal carer at the National Animal Welfare Trust’s Hertfordshire rehoming centre. 

Published on August 09, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Have you heard about our new revolutionary programme for cats?

Open Paw is transforming cattery life, and with help from experts, we want to get cats in rescue confident enough to greet visitors and allow potential rehomers to see how beautiful they are!

The most noticeable thing we wanted to change was the cats feeling as though they needed to hide in their beds, away from view.

Published on August 09, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Meet Nikki and Phil with Dudley the Staffy - Petplan’s rehoming moments ad stars

On tonight’s Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special it was hard not to smile at the joyful Dudley playing football with his new owners Phil and Nikki in the Petplan sponsorship ad.

They say that once you own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, you remain loyal to the breed forever, and the Sheehans are no exception.

Published on August 08, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Did you watch the second episode of Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special tonight? Then you would have spotted the lovable duo Margaret and Dash in the Petplan ads!

Dash is the sixth cat to be rehomed from our Hertforshire rehoming centre by Margaret.

First it was long haired tabby Sammy, then feral tabby Tipsie, ginger tom Sandy and long and short-haired tabby sisters, Bonnie and Connie, who Margaret later discovered didn’t get along at all.


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