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NAWT Dog Pumba
Published on November 15, 2018 by Alex Spurgeon

Left alone in the woods to fend for herself at just six weeks old, Pumba is lucky to be alive. It is only thanks to a caring member of the public that she made it into our NAWT Hertfordshire centre, where animal care staff spent a long day and night caring for the tiny pup and monitoring her.

The local dog warden rushed Pumba into NAWT care after collecting her from the lady that had rescued her from the woods. Malnourished, with a belly full of worms and covered in mange, Pumba was immediately admitted to our onsite vet for treatment.

NAWT Dog Popcorn
Published on November 15, 2018 by Alex Spurgeon

Lurcher Popcorn arrived at NAWT following a particularly harrowing experience, when he and another dog were cruelly thrown from the back of a moving van on a busy road.

Police attended the scene to find both dogs in a terrible state, filthy and underweight with sores all over their bodies.

Published on November 09, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Cold and alone, abandoned under a hedge, fending for themselves at no more than two or three weeks old.

This is the story of Candy, Merlin, Spice, Spooky, Trick and Twilight, a litter of six kittens who came very close to losing their little lives when they were left without a mother, a caregiver or any shelter.

Thankfully, the kittens were spotted by a passer-by, who delivered them to our NAWT Cornwall centre. However, by this point, the kittens hadn’t eaten anything in at least 24 hours, and it was clear that they were starving.

Published on October 31, 2018 by Beth Pearson

This winter, NAWT have been given a wonderful opportunity to raise even more funds for the homeless and abandoned animals in our care.

A match-funding website The Big Give, have offered us the support of a champion funder for their Christmas Challenge campaign who, along with some of our major donors, has created a matched funding pot.

Published on October 26, 2018 by Beth Pearson

A woman who had a ‘crippling’ fear of dogs, has overcome her phobia after being invited to visit NAWT Berkshire

Nima Maasoumi was so afraid of dogs she would run away whenever she saw one, or scream if they approached her.

Nima, originally from Iran, was not sure when she developed the phobia, but it became so debilitating she decided to ask our centre near Great Shefford, for help.


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