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Published on December 08, 2017 by Beth Pearson

As the days become shorter and colder, make sure your pet stays happy and healthy this winter!

The change in seasons can bring on skin conditions, breathing issues and other changes, so make sure you are keep track of your pet’s health.

Anti-freeze and screen wash is poisonous to all pets, so if you are getting your car ready for winter remember how deadly they are to animals. Also be aware that there’s a substance in them that smells attractive to animals, so keep them completely out of reach.

Published on December 07, 2017 by Beth Pearson

A 14-year-old terrier wants just one thing for Christmas – a loving home to share the big day with.

Rufus, a homeless animal being cared for by our team in Berkshire, is a friendly boy who is still very active for his age and loves a cuddle.

Published on December 06, 2017 by Beth Pearson
Our pets are part of the family, so of course you’re going to buy them a Christmas present!

Published on November 30, 2017 by Beth Pearson

As their faces start to grey, and their zoomies slow down – we never stop adoring our pets.

Some owners even say the best years they had with their beloved animals were once they hit their senior years!

Not only is it up to us to help keep our pets healthy in their golden years, it’s also our responsibility to keep them happy, and understand when their needs change.

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Published on November 30, 2017 by Beth Pearson

Clever lad Zak has been in kennels for some time, but this gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier is ready to find himself a forever home.

This handsome boy is five-years-old, and although he can be anxious around new people, he's friendly and loyal once he gets to know you. 

It takes a little bit of time for Zak to trust new situations, but as soon as he does, he's a relaxed pooch and will make a fantastic, loving and loyal companion.


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