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Autumn at NAWT
Published on October 16, 2020 by Alex Spurgeon

There are plenty of virtual activities occurring across the NAWT centres during October and November! See below for full details from your local centre.

Berkshire (Trindledown):

The Great Virtual Bake Off:

Take part in an online baking competition, where there are over £100 worth of prizes to be won!

There are 3 categories; Round Bake, 6 Small Bakes, and Junior Bake (under 15s).

Published on October 09, 2020 by Alex Spurgeon

What drives our love for animals? Cat owner and psychotherapist Naz Altinok gives us a psychological perspective.

I felt close to animals all my life but didn’t think about why, until I started my training to become a psychotherapist. I found the psychological understanding of the human-pet bond so fascinating, that I wrote half of my graduate thesis on the role of pets in our lives.

Published on October 08, 2020 by Alex Spurgeon

For this year’s World Mental Health Day (Saturday 10th October 2020), we want to share some of your touching stories about how your pets have helped you with mental challenges and illness.

1) Rebecca and Piglet

When Piglet the guinea pig first came to NAWT Watford, she was called Marmalade. Rebecca, one of our animal care assistants, recalls when she came into her life:

Published on September 24, 2020 by Alex Spurgeon

Little Elsa came to NAWT Clacton as a struggling stray just before Christmas of 2019, battling various health problems. She had been of no fixed abode for a couple of years, but had been neutered thanks to another local animal charity’s neuter and release scheme, with caring locals keeping a regular eye on her. When they noticed Elsa wasn’t thriving, she came into our care.

Published on September 21, 2020 by Alex Spurgeon

When an animal comes into our care, we often don’t know exactly what they have gone through beforehand, so we are always ready to expect the unexpected. For Mavis, a little Jack Russell Terrier, this was certainly the case.

NAWT Clacton took in Mavis when she wasn’t claimed from the stray pound. A skinny and nervous little girl, she was in need of a good meal and a bath. Despite her nerves, Mavis was a loving girl, thought to be about 9 years old. One of the centre’s regular volunteers, Steve, took an immediate shine to her.


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