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Cats and Wildlife
Published on August 16, 2019 by Rachel Mattioni

Many cat owners know how upset you can feel when your beloved pet brings in a bird it has just caught in the garden.

Cats are natural hunters, and if your cat is allowed outside, there is no way to completely stop them from hunting. However, you can follow some of our tips below to help satisfy your cat’s natural behavioural needs at home, which might make them less likely to hunt in the garden.

Meal times

Living With a Rescue Cat
Published on August 14, 2019 by Rachel Mattioni

Adopting a rescue cat is an amazing, and rewarding thing to do. Here are some quick points that may not come up at the centre during the rehoming process…

Keep your pens safe

If you’ve left a pen on the table, be prepared for it to be batted onto the floor, possibly underneath the sofa, never to be seen again.


Did we not mention that your kitty might like to nibble your toes? Have you tried keeping your socks on?


Common Behavioural Problems in Cats
Published on August 12, 2019 by Rachel Mattioni

Cat’s make wonderful pets, if you’re considering getting one, please look at some of our amazing felines who are waiting for the right home.

Every pet owner knows, often pets come with their quirks, and some of these quirks are more desirable then others. Below, we’ve listed some of the more common feline behavioural problems, and how you can treat them at home.

Five Fun Feline Facts
Published on August 07, 2019 by Rachel Mattioni

Cats are fascinating creatures; here are some fun facts about them that you might not already know…

Eyes and Whiskers

Cats have the most amazing eyes, which can adapt quickly to changing light conditions. Being able to open their pupils wide gives them a strong advantage when hunting at night. Cat’s cannot focus on anything closer than 30cm in front of them, which is why their whiskers are so important in helping the cat sense what is close to them.

Clawgust 2019
Published on August 01, 2019 by Rachel Mattioni

NAWT are celebrating all things cats by dedicating August to them for the third year running, renaming it CLAWgust. Cats are the UK’s third most popular pet after fish and dogs, and throughout August, we will be sharing cat information, ideas, facts and tips about all things feline.

To start with meet some of our residents who are keeping their paws crossed for a home this Clawgust…



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