A smooth transition for Princess via our Home Direct Scheme

Princess is a 6-year-old Terrier who was recently adopted through NAWT’s Home Direct scheme.

Our Home Direct initiative aims to find animals a new home, without the need for them to be admitted into a rescue centre. They can stay with their previous owner in their usual surroundings, whilst we go off to find them a permanent new home.

Princess’ owners contacted us in March 2024 to ask for help with rehoming their beloved dog. This was because they were no longer able to give her the level of care she needed, due to a change in their health. Princess was very happy and settled in her current home. Although her owners did sadly need to rehome her, there was no immediate rush for her to go. For this reason, they decided to rehome her through our Home Direct scheme. This meant they were able to avoid putting Princess through any unnecessary stress that she might have experienced through staying in the kennels.

We take exceptional care of every animal that stays in our centre, but a proper home is always the best environment for a pet to be in. Therefore, it is in their best interest to avoid coming into kennels if possible. We worked with Princess’ owners to complete an assessment and gather all the information we needed to be able to find her a perfect new home.

Once a suitable match had been found, we arranged two visits at the centre for Princess. One to meet her new owners, and one to be given a full health check by our veterinary team before she was able to be adopted. Princess settled in with her new family quickly and has already been enjoying exploring her new village and finding all the best snooze spots in her new home.

Her owners recently sent us some photos of her and said,

 “Thank you for helping with the adoption process and making it so easy!”

Thanks to the Home Direct scheme, Princess has transitioned smoothly from one loving home to the next. It has helped her to adjust and settle in quickly and avoid any potential stressors. It has also meant that a kennel at the rescue centre was able to remain available for an abandoned dog who desperately needed our care. 

If you need to relinquish an animal to us, please contact your nearest centre here. Or, if you are looking for a new best friend, you can see all our animals looking for new homes here.

Princess looking happy

Princess in her new home