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Volunteering - Case studies

What is it like volunteering at NAWT? Here are some of our lovely and dedicated volunteers to tell you all about it!

Julian Rota (Berkshire centre)

Why did you decide to volunteer for NAWT?

I learnt about the NAWT and in particular Trindledown Farm pretty much by chance - after just a couple of visits and my first few attempts at volunteering, I fell in love with the place. I have always loved animals and this was an opportunity to give something back. 

Julian Rota

What does your volunteer role involve?

I have mostly been helping out with the field animals, but I have also walked a lot of dogs and undertaken a variety of light maintenance and cleaning duties, as well as fundraising.

What’s the best thing about volunteering for NAWT?

The opportunity to work with and care for a wide variety of animals. I find it incredibly rewarding when it is possible to gain their trust.

What would you say are the benefits of volunteering for a charity?

For me, it is time out from my day-to-day job, a change of scene, and working with incredibly kind, knowledgeable and hard-working people, who always go the extra mile and, indeed, never stop caring. 

Susan Hill (Hula Charity Shop)

Why did you decide to volunteer for NAWT?

I moved to the area four years ago from a different county, and thought it would be a nice way to meet new people and also felt it was a worthwhile charity. 

Susan Hill

What does your volunteer role involve?

Generally helping out around the store, customer service, sorting through stock, and meeting/greeting those who choose to shop with us. 

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering for NAWT?

I’d say serving the local community and dealing with public. It’s nice to see certain people regularly or meet new customers. It’s nice to be able to chat about why the charity’s important too. 

What would you say are the benefits of volunteering for a charity?

I’m retired and it gives me a sense of purpose and enjoyment, knowing that any monies made each day will go to a good cause and benefit animals in need. 

When you reach a certain age you can often feel redundant. Being able to give my time and presence is a lovely way to break up my week in a way that I feel makes a real difference. Volunteering is certainly something which I’d recommend to others.

Sally Wilson (Watford centre)

Why did you decide to volunteer for NAWT?

I had re-homed two different cats from the centre. I was then made redundant and wanted to give something back, because my experiences in the re-homing process had been so positive. I couldn’t afford to support NAWT financially, but I could give up my time, which is what I did.

Sally Wilson

What are your main duties/tasks/responsibilities?

I work with the cats, although I love dogs too. In the early days, the main tasks were to simply socialise with the cats, with play and grooming, but I was also asked to help with feeds and occasionally cleaning cages when the occupants had gone home.
Nowadays, it is mainly the socialisation side that is my main task. I especially like working with the shyer and more nervous animals, to help them gain confidence.
It is so rewarding to see them develop and eventually go home. I also like grooming the longer-haired cats, and de-tangling their fur, I like a challenge!

What’s the best thing about volunteering for NAWT?

I love seeing shy animals gain confidence, and I love helping people find the right animal for them. I will always talk to visitors and find out what they are looking for. Sometimes they ask about the re-homing process, and how to introduce the cat to their home, and I really like sharing my knowledge. Oh, and getting to play with kittens!

What would you say are the benefits of volunteering for a charity?

I just want to give back and help the organisation, which does such a wonderful job of caring for all these unwanted and neglected animals. On a personal note, it’s the best part of my week, because I can just switch off from the rest of the world and relax. For two or three hours a week, I am surrounded by animals who just want love and attention, and that is something I can give them.

Corporate Volunteering - Hewlett Packard CDS 

A team from Hewlett Packard CDS kindly spent a day volunteering at our Berkshire Centre recently. The team helped in a number of ways, including replacing old brush heads. These are screwed onto the fences so that the goats can have a good scratch!

The team from Hewlett Packard CDS watching Leo the goat enjoy his newly installed brush head!

Whilst one half of the team worked on the brush heads for the goats, the other half were levelling off the shelters for the horses. This was an important task due to the age of the horses in our care and their need for a flat comfy surface to lay on.

After lunch, the team then went on to do some gardening, improving the look of the main courtyard and making it a much more welcoming environment for visitors and potential rehomers.

A representative from Hewlett Packard CDS said:

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was of course very different to our normal job roles which mainly involve using a computer for most of the day. We like to do at least 2 volunteering days a year at charities like NAWT. This is so that we can both help the local community and also have a team bonding experience. Charity days are very useful for this as we all have the same goal and want to meet it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We would finally like to say a big thank you to Beth and NAWT for having us and we hope we made a difference.”