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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive can be found below.

Can the NAWT help wildlife?

Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise or resources to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife.
If you find a wild animal in distress, please contact your local wildlife rescue or the RSPCA/RSPB.

Can NAWT staff take a pet away from an owner?

Like all animal welfare charities, NAWT has no legal right to confiscate pets which are being mistreated or suffering from neglect. This also applies to pets which have been rehomed by NAWT as the rehoming contract transfers legal ownership to the new owner.

NAWT is also not legally allowed to accept an animal from a third party who is acting without the explicit permission of the pet’s owner.

Would you like my old dog bed/blankets?

We normally accept donated blankets, duvets and towels, as long as they are clean and in reasonable condition.  As each centre will have different needs at different times, please contact your local centre first.

You can find contact details here.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept pillows or pillow cases.

Do we offer a free/cheap neutering service?

As we do not employ our own vets, we are unable to offer veterinary services for an animal that is not in our care.

Do we offer a microchipping service?

No, but we always scan for microchips should we get a stray animal in our care.

Can you help me get my pet back from someone who has stolen it?

We cannot get involved in ownership disputes. Please refer to our advice sheet on what to do if your pet is lost or stolen:  

Further advice on ownership disputes is available here: 

A loved one has been rushed into hospital - can NAWT take their pet in temporarily?

We are unable to offer any boarding spaces for this eventuality. Some of our centres may be able to offer boarding facilities in the future so check with your local centre.

We recommend you plan for unexpected situations like this and have a full pet care planning pack available to download from our website: 

Can you help to fund my veterinary or animal care education?

No, we do not offer any scholarships or grants to students. All the donations we receive are spent on running the charity.

Can you help pay my vet bills?

No, we can only cover the cost of vet bills for the animals in our care. Some charities like the PDSA, Blue Cross or RSPCA have animal hospitals which may be able to provide a limited, reduced cost, subsidised service for clients from their local community who meet certain requirements.

Do you offer work experience placements?

We do offer a limited number of work experience places at each of our centres, but for insurance reasons the student has to be over 16-years-old. We advise you make contact with your local centre as early as possible because spaces get booked up quickly.

Are there any donations you don’t accept at the centre?

We cannot accept old currency, for example old £1 coins, £5 and £10 notes. We also cannot accept animal medication even if it is in date and unopened.  

Can I foster a pet?

Why are so many of your pets not suitable for families with children?

There are varying reasons but usually it will be because we don’t have enough background information on the animal to know if it can safely live with young children. 

Some of the animals we rehome have never lived with children and some have lived unsuccessfully with children. Some were previously strays and therefore our knowledge of their behaviour before they arrived in our care is very limited. 

The safety of you, your family and the animal are our top priority so we do everything we can to find a perfect match for every family looking to rehome a pet.

What should I do if I find an injured pet?

If you find an unattended pet that has been injured or is unwell, please take it to the nearest emergency vet.

In a situation where you are unsure about approaching the animal, such as a dog clearly showing signs of aggression or distress, do not try to touch it.

Instead please contact the RSPCA who will ask for more details about the situation. If they cannot help, please contact your local dog warden for further advice and instruction.

How do I relinquish an animal into NAWT’s care?

If you have any questions about the process of relinquishing an animal, please click here

What is the rehoming process?

You can visit the following page for more details about how to re-home from one of our centre and see answers to some of the FAQs on rehoming: