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Published on June 20, 2018 by Beth Pearson
The NAWT is concerned about the rapid rise in popularity of the French Bulldog as the Kennel Club announces it has becomes Britain’s favourite pet dog.
French Bulldogs are at risk of health problems prevalent in the type of dog, commonly called brachycephalic.
Brachycephalic literally means ‘shortened head’ and is used to describe a short skull shape, which gives the appearance of a flattened face which you see in breeds like Pugs and Persian cats.
It can affect dogs, cats, rabbits and other animal species.&n

Published on June 18, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Caring for our animals is always at the forefront of our mind and, true to our values, we never stop caring, even after adoption day. Each of our centres provide care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted animals and find them suitable forever homes. 

But there is one major thing that enables us to do all of this and the thought of that no longer being available is a distressing and worrying concern. Money makes the world go round, it keeps organisations afloat, and this is as true for us as it is for any business. 

Published on June 07, 2018 by Beth Pearson
Here are the top five things to do with your pet this summer, as voted by you!
During the warmer months, it’s not only important to keep your pets safe and healthy, but also to keep them happy.

Published on June 06, 2018 by Beth Pearson

A very generous boy from Olney is set to take on the challenge of his life to raise money for HULA Animal Rescue.

Self-confessed animal lover, Josh Bannister will run his first competitive event on June 16.

The three kilometre long colour run is being hosted by Akeley Wood School in Buckingham, and Josh hopes he can fundraise enough to make a difference for the animals at HULA.

Josh’s mum, Stacey Purdy said: “Josh is a bit nervous about the event, he’s started training and going out running because he really wants to do well for the charity.

Published on June 05, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Did you know that volunteering has been known to improve the volunteers’ wellbeing too? 

It is human nature to feel good for volunteering, especially when you’re involved with something you are truly passionate about – such as animals and welfare. 

We couldn’t possibly express our gratitude towards our very dedicated, generous team of volunteers in just a few words so instead we’d like to celebrate a few people who always go the extra mile.

Jill at Hayle


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