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animal rescue

Published on 1st November, 2021

Between Tuesday 30th November and Monday 6th December, it's Double Donations Week here at the NAWT and that means your donation is worth double.  For example, if you donate £5 it will be worth £10 to us at no extra cost to you.

Thanks to our generous supporters and a pledge promise from PetPlan Charitable Trust, we have a total Pledge Pot of £25,000. You can help us unlock this pot by donating in Double Donations Week so that we can raise the £50,000 to launch an exciting new project.

Published on 17th August, 2021

Today we are very familiar with the idea of the ‘rescue’ pet, however it hasn’t always been that way and as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we look back at how attitudes have changed towards rescue.

Fifty years ago, pets were likely brought to the family home from a neighbour, work, or school friend, whose pet had had a litter of puppies or kittens, or alternatively they were bought from the local pet shop (many a school-child growing up in the 70s has spent time standing outside a pet shop, lovingly gazing in at the puppies/kittens/guinea pigs in the window.)

Published on 3rd August, 2021

Earlier this year, #TeamNAWT was officially assembled when Daniella and Zoe were chosen to be our London Marathon runners.

In October 2021, they will take on the epic challenge of running 26 miles. They have been training hard whilst also fundraising for NAWT, aiming to raise £3,000 between them before the big run.

We caught up with the girls recently to find out what motivates them to run, as well as how they are getting on with raising money and getting themselves ready to go conquer all those miles!

Published on 5th July, 2021

Throughout July, we are celebrating Wellness Month! It's a month where we will be sharing plenty of advice and top tips for keeping animals happy and healthy.

Since it's July and it's extra hot outside, we have created an important infographic for you below, a guide to keeping your pet safe in the summer. 

summer care infographic

Published on 28th June, 2021

Rabbit Awareness Week is an annual campaign with the aims of encouraging owners to take the best care of their fluffy friends, improve their welfare, and provide education about their needs and illnesses to look out for.

2021 is the 15th year of this fantastic campaign! It's a perfect opportunity to refresh your knowledge of caring for rabbits, so we have included below our handy infographic. It's full of important advice such as accommodation, cleaning, bedding, vaccinations, and more. 

Published on 7th June, 2021

In April 2021, a new animal law was passed by parliament, meaning that people who abuse animals will now face longer maximum prison sentences of up to five years.

Published on 26th May, 2021

In April 2021, a new animal law was passed by parliament, meaning that people who abuse animals will now face longer maximum prison sentences of up to five years.

Published on 31st March, 2021

This Easter, we have created a pawsome bit of fun for any children in your lives. Our Easter Kids Activity Pack is available now for you to download and print.

They will learn plenty of cool and important things, including how to make sure pets and other animals are kept safe. The pack features a bunch of fun activities – a maze, colouring in, word search, quizzes and more.

word search

Published on 22nd March, 2021

This is an important time for our small fluffy friends, from Monday 22nd March until Sunday 28th March 2021 is the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week!

It’s a great time to brush up on your knowledge of caring for guinea pigs, which is why we have created the below handy infographic. It’s loaded with useful advice such as enrichment, grooming, and bedding.

Published on 18th March, 2021

Until recently, it was thought that rabbits were introduced to Britain from France, after the Norman Conquest around the 11th Century.

Whilst they were farmed for their fur and meat, many sources suggest that some of the medieval gentry women started to keep rabbits as pets.


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