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The impact of legacies can be seen at each of our centres on a daily basis, like the gifts left by supporters Brian Rickard and Doreen Woodroffe.

Brian, a cat loving uncle of two very active NAWT supporters, left a small legacy to NAWT’s centre in Hayle, Cornwall, and staff were able to remember him with an appropriate plaque in one of the cat enrichment pens, which his gift enabled the centre to build. The pens contain branches, tunnels and toys which provide an invaluable source of stimulation for the cats, making a change from the usual cattery environment while they await new homes.

Another long-term friend from the very early days of the Cornwall centre was Doreen Woodroffe. Her legacy meant that we could buy three sheds to use for dog training rooms for the Open Paw Programme. The rooms are equipped with training aids, including longlines and crates, as well as household furniture to provide the dogs in our care with the training they’ll need to settle in to life in a new home. The Open Paw Programme also provides hands-on training for staff, volunteers and prospective and existing pet owners; educating our local communities on responsible pet ownership and training.