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Founded in 2017, the Pawsitive Enrichment Company set out to improve and enrich the lives of the pets we love. Much like National Animal Welfare Trust, they believe that providing species-specific enrichment is an integral part of great pet ownership. 

Founder of the Pawsitive Enrichment Company, Melanie, is the proud owner of Talulah; a border collie with an active mind, athletic body and some fear issues. For this reason, she needed to find solutions to keep Talulah occupied and mentally well balanced when conventional exercise was problematic.

Unable to find tried and tested products all under one roof, Melanie decided to set up her own online enrichment store. The company specialises in sourcing and product testing the best enrichment products on the market. Nothing gets into their store without prior approval of Team Pawster - a team of nationwide product testers!

Here at the National Animal Welfare Trust, we know that providing enrichment is such an important welfare consideration for the animals in our care. Since introducing the Open Paw Shelter Programme, we provide all meals in interactive feeding toys for our dogs and hunting toys for our cats. Enrichment of this nature provides outlets for natural behaviours and encourages mental stimulation, resulting in reduced stress levels and animals who present themselves better to prospective new owners.

We are very excited to be working with the Pawsitive Enrichment Company, who share many of our beliefs and our passion for enriching the lives of the UK’s pets!

For more information on the Pawsitive Enrichment Company or to look for enriching treats for your furry friend, please visit their website or take a look at their Facebook page.